Welcome to my blog!

This is just a personal blog as usual. With slogan: “just write down what I’ve learned and what I’ve thought“, I created it with purposes:

  • write for myself.
  • a summary of what’s I’ve learned.
  • shareable thoughts, experiences and knowledge to the others.

For more information, you can reach me via my email address: ngtrkhoa@gmail.com.


I’m currently following my Master of Engineering’s degree at Télécom ParisTech – Campus SophiaTech – Eurecom.

I am passionate about solving challenges in the area of Big Data, which Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark are my most current interest. As a first-year master student, I am leveraging my youthful energy and academic background in Mathematics, Software Development and Algorithms to pursue professional expertise in the field of Big Data.

NGUYEN Trong Khoa



  • 7:50 pm, 06 November 2014, Residence Thésa, Biot, France – Blog created.
  • To be updated …

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