Mini projects

Mini projects I implemented during my bachelor years:

2D RPG XNA Game for the Game Development course (May 2012):

This is the final project that I and my friend implemented for the Game development course at University of Science – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh city.

– The project was built on XNA framework with C# language.
– I used RPGViewer to extract resources from JX game (Kingsoft).
– I integrated some Neoforece Control (Open source library) to facilitate the dialogs in game.

This is one of my greatest projects and it really made me proud because of the wide range of knowledge that I gained during 3 months hard-working on: resources hacking, framework API, gaming architecture designs with design patterns and extensible project structure.

Learning Vocabulary WinForm application for the Software Analysis and Design (December, 2011):

A vocabulary learning application built on WinForm.
– Programming language: C# Windows Form
– Database: MS Access & XML
– Library for User Interface: DExperiment 11.1.7
– Architecture: 3-layers, plug-in

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