My projects

Smart Interactive Museum (May 2014)

Video demo:

I and my friend were the 2 mentors for this project, working closely with 4 other young students at University of Science to implement the “Smart Interactive Museum”.

For video demos and more details, visit website:

Bachelor thesis (August 2013)


The thesis includes 3 small projects:
– An intelligent map-based application for a local area which Web Services and NFC support.
– A Smart Gallery: efficiently and creatively conveys knowledge about surrounding environment (animals, flora and history to visitors) by presenting multimedia resources (videos, pictures, sounds, …) with augmented reality information. Users will use their bodies and hands to create simple natural gestures to interact with virtual artifacts, models, animals on the screen. (Used devices: MS Kinect, Projector)
– A Magic Mirror: A game-based application which is capable of extracting captured user’s image from the background in real time. Users will enjoy and play in virtual reality space. (Used devices: MS Kinect, Projector).

The idea for a magic mirror was came from this video:


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